X-UMIDOSUIT Club Package with EMS Technology

wired and wirelessly connection


Ability to use 4 devices simultaneously


24 months warranty


Stand and management system




Possibility to buy in installments

    استند پاور EMS


    strong icon

    Strength training program

    airobic icon

    Aerobic and aerobic program

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    Recovery and massage program


    منبع تغذیه الکتریکی ایتال فیت


    Each hand of the X-UMIDOSUIT Exercise Vest includes the following items:

    1. Upper body electrodes:

    ItalFit vests include electrodes on the head, back, waist fillet, chest, abdomen and arm , which greatly reduce cramps and joint and muscle pain by stimulating and strengthening the muscles in this area. The electrodes also play an important role in shaping the shoulders by strengthening the muscles in this area.

    It is worth noting that the shape of the shoulders has the greatest impact on a person’s style.

    2. Lower body electrodes:
    ItalFit vests include electrodes on the back of the thigh, upper thigh, buttocks, and leg that stimulate and strengthen the triceps and quadriceps muscles separately.


    Capabilities of training vests

    • Electrodes and cables can be easily removed and washed.
    • Electrodes and message pads can be easily moved according to each person’s body shape.
    • The electrodes deliver the message to the muscle in dots and strokes.
    • ItalFit has designed additional pads for the leg, inside of the foot, and side, which the trainer can use if desired and needed. </li >
    • The vests are guaranteed for up to 2 years with the ability to replace the piece.

    Features of X-UMIDOSUIT device

    • With the Italfit EMS slimming device you can train from 1 to 4 people individually or in groups (as with 4 independent machines) </ Li>
    • Using the ItalFit EMS device, with the ability of a virtual trainer, you can plan and save your favorite training videos, and in each training session by selecting one of the programs Make a video to speed up your work, which means that the instructor can select the desired movements from several movements stored in the device and prepare a training program with his idea by putting the movements together and determining the repetition of sets. </li >
    • Ability to store each person’s information and store pulse intensity and stimulate muscle groups.
    • Ability to keep the user away from the machine during practice.
    • In line with current European standards.
    • Ability to add user to device with delay.
    • Free software updates.
    • Ability to separate pulses in each muscle group for each of the 4 users.
    • Switching exercise style from aerobic to strength and vice versa.
    • has a separate program warm up, main exercise, relax
    • Practice 12 hours with each battery charge.
    • 12 separate channels to separate the whole body muscles into 12 different groups.
    • With each device, 5 vests are offered in S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes.
    • Receive several sets of Practice Underwear by purchasing an X-Amidoscot package.

    Terms of use X-UMIDOSUIT

    can be used by the following people:

    • . People who are overweight or have localized obesity
    • Overweight people to strengthen and improve their muscles
    • People who do not have access to the club and whose job requires them to travel constantly
    • Women who decide to have skin repair after childbirth can be used by the elderly and the disabled

    Product ban for the following people:

    • People who have a prosthesis or platinum in their body
    • People who have an artificial pacemaker in their body
    • People with epilepsy or seizures
    • People with neurological diseases, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.
    • People suffering from infectious and bacterial viral diseases
    • People with severe hemophilia
    • People with cancer or malignant tumors
    • Women who are pregnant