Seccosuit personal clothing with EMS technology

EMS WIRELESS technology

لباس EMS



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    This device is an electrical power supply that easily connects to clothes. This device with high charge is designed wirelessly and by connecting it to the clothes, there is no need to connect the wire from it to the clothes.

    اپلیکیشن لباس لاغری EMS


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    Italifit latest sports slimming product, seccosuit clothing, which is designed on a completely personal basis based on the latest slimming and beauty technology for special people. This product is based on EMS WIRLESS technology. Is portable

    Most of the people don’t feel good about getting their EMS suit wet before they start exercising. Ital Fit has designed clothes for sensitive people who wear it with pleasure and exercise freely, and there is no need to make the pads wet anymore.

    Secco suits are completely personal, antiperspirant and washable, and are not limited to be used only in clubs, and you can exercise anywhere with these special suits. It doesn’t matter if you are playing basketball, volleyball, or you are walking or relaxing! These suits with dry pads can be used even at home or while traveling.

    The platform suits have 20 pads on the shoulders, chest, waist and front part and back of the thighs, arms and abdomen. After turning on the app, the electrical stimulation of the pulses by the pads on the body’s muscles, fat and cellulite in that part of the body is eliminated, and after long-term use, it forms the muscles of the body. Even people who are not overweight can use the suits and achieve the ideal results (muscle shaping) faster.

    Terms of use SECCOSUIT

    can be used by the following people:
    • People with extra fat in parts of the body.
    • People who are overweight throughout the body.
    • Non overweight athletes to strengthen and improve their muscles.
    • People who find it difficult to go to the sports clubs.
    • people whose job requires them to be constantly travel.
    Product ban for the following people:
    • People who have a prosthesis or platinum in their body
    • People who have an artificial pacemaker in their body
    • People with epilepsy or seizures
    • People with neurological diseases, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.
    • People suffering from infectious and bacterial viral diseases
    • People with severe hemophilia
    • People with cancer or malignant tumors
    • Women who are pregnant