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The SMS slimming device has the following benefits and advantages:Reducing celluliteReducing stretch marks (and skin cracks) Changing body shapeNot requiring surgery and recovery periods
The SMS slimming device has the following benefits and advantages:
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Reducing stretch marks (and skin cracks)
  • Changing body shape
  • Not requiring surgery and recovery periods
  • No pain and bleeding
  • Without harming the health and soft skin of the body
  • Allowed for different skin types.
  • Always remember that along with using IMS Ital Fit, you should have a balanced nutrition and physical activity, otherwise the results will be unstable.
The Italian EMS device is used to permanently eliminate fat in the body. Thanks to the waves, the extra fat on sides, abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, and so on can be dissolved.
The EMS can be an effective treatment for men with large deformed chests. This is the most effective way to treat cellulite. The accumulation of fat under the skin of our body actually acts as a source of energy storage. This adipose tissue, in addition to providing the body with the energy it needs at the right time, also keeps the body’s temperature balanced.
This tissue is always being absorbed and stored to keep the metabolism going. The location of fat accumulation in men and women varies genetically; In overweight people, excess fat can accumulate in all parts of the body, even in the abdomen, and this excess fat can eventually lead to previous vascular diseases, diabetes, and so on.
Obesity is not just a mass accumulation of adipose tissue in one place, but sometimes with an ideal weight it is possible to accumulate adipose tissue in one part of the body. The fat, which is eliminated with diet and leads to an increase in the size of the clothes is in the same group.
Based on the latest European technology, EMS Beauty and Slimming Device introduces electrical pulses with a specific frequency and speed through special pads to the individual’s body, which causes fat cells to vibrate, and this phenomenon causes bubbles inside and outside the cell.
When the formed bubbles explode, a pressure of about 200 times is created, which causes the cell to compress from outside, and inside of the cell, these bubbles cause the cell membrane to rupture so much that triglycerides turn into glycerin and free fatty acids break down, which binds to the water you drink (before and after exercise) and is excreted through the lymphatic system, liver, and urine.
Therefore, it is always recommended to drink plenty of water in the same session until 3 days later.
The use of EMS (Ital Fit), which is designed based on the modern European technology is not prohibited for people over 15 years of age. However, patients should consult their physician before using any method, as well as EMS, inform their instructor about all the illnesses and medications they are taking, and let their physician know how they are doing.
Studies have shown that even diabetics can take advantage of this to get rid of excess fat, and even reduce their need for insulin after using IMS.
EMS is a non-surgical procedure to remove fat, without pain and bleeding. The biggest difference between treating obesity with EMS (Ital Fit) and liposuction is in the method of fat removal.
Ital Fit EMS is based on the technology of the world that uses heat and mechanical shocks to attack fat cells and can be also used for body fat, but liposuction is used for smaller areas of the body. That is why many clients are dissatisfied with liposuction due to the high sensitivity of the laser.

With EMS stimulation, 90% of the body’s muscles can be stimulated simultaneously in just 20 minutes, while traditional methods require 15-20 minutes to stimulate each part of the body.

With EMS, every session of the whole body is challenged (full body) and you get the desired result faster and you have a harmony in whole body. However, in traditional methods, each session includes a program for a specific part of the body that will achieve the ideal result later.

With EMS, the pressure on the joints, knees, back, and neck is relieved because your range of motion is low, (suitable for people who have been banned from exercising or have problems with their knees, back, and legs), but in traditional training methods, the possibility to harm joints, knees and back is very high.

You save time with EMS, but you need a long time to exercise in the traditional way.

In most cases, the results will be quite obvious and fast. Liposuction will cause swelling and cover up the actual results and effects of the surgery. In the slimming method, minimal swelling occurs with Ital Fit. So the results will be quite obvious. If you have swelling, you should wait 1 to 3 months to see results.
This amount varies from person to person and depends on age, gender, resistance to adipose tissue (looseness and stiffness of the skin), and position. For example, a reduction in the size of the abdomen is usually between one and two centimeters every two weeks. EMS sessions are 2 to 3 times per week, and their effects usually appear after the third session.
Also, after fat burning by EMS, walking on a treadmill or doing general exercises are necessary to quickly metabolize and excrete the released fats
In partial obesity and cellulite, fat accumulates within the body and the body has difficulty accessing them to produce energy. That’s why they resist exercise or diet alone, and these people always have a problem with size.
Ital Fit has solved this problem by importing the best and the most up-to-date EMS device in the world from Italy. In this way, the Ital Fit device shrinks by creating and maintaining specific heat and controlled shocks inside the fat cells without damaging the skin and other tissues. In addition, by increasing blood flow and lymph, metabolism and fat excretion are accelerated.
Also, one of the advantages of EMS Ital Fit device is that the process of collagen production is increased due to the increase of blood flow under the skin and causes the skin to tighten and shrink and eliminates sagging skin.
There are no restrictions on the use of this device except during pregnancy.
Using several methods simultaneously is more useful to overcome the problem of obesity. And in addition to increasing the amount of weight loss, it also makes it last longer. Diet by Nutrition and Exercise Advisor are the best ways to use EMS to provide the best nutrition counseling from UK professors, as well as providing a safe and relaxed environment for exercise.
Especially people with back and knee pain can use Ital Fit Packages well to treat obesity and to obtain local pain relief.
Cellulite is most commonly seen in women, which means that the body produces enough estrogen. Some have hidden cellulite, but some people have unpleasant lumps. If you have the latter one, don’t leave them unattended. Ital Fit has a definite cure for you.
In addition to today’s modern treatments, which include laser, mesotherapy, etc., natural treatments based on exercise and increased metabolism by safe devices from the reliable Ital Fit Company are better ways to reduce the body fat.
Cellulite is made by the deposition of fat next to collagen tissue and is more common in women than men. Cellulite is simply a cosmetic problem and is not a medical condition or can be similar to small depressions similar to the tissue in orange skin and may be seen only when the skin is pressed.
But in some people it is very obvious. A large area of ​​uneven skin has deep depressions, while the most common depressions are on the thighs and sides. It is also found in the chest, arms, shoulders and abdomen, and the factors that worsen cellulite conditions include:
  • Disproportionate and strict diets rich in CHO that Ital Fit has solved this matter for customers with a nutritionist from the best University of UK.
  • The inactivity of Ital Fit again has solved this problem by providing a suitable and completely private space with physical education instructors and graduates.
  • Low water consumption
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress
As you know methods such as radiofrequency, laser, liposuction, mesotherapy and endermology (massage with suction) have high costs and are very sensitive and have a high risk, and our purpose in this article is not to describe these methods. So if you have any questions about comparing IMS Ital Fit with other weight loss methods, you can ask your questions with your comments or via the contact form.
Exercise stimulates 90% of the body’s muscles simultaneously through EMS, which within around 20 minutes consumes about 3 times more energy than a traditional training session. It recovers and stays in this position for 48 to 72 hours, during which it consumes a lot of energy to strengthen the muscles, which means:
Exercising with EMS in the rest phase after exercise has more fat-burning than the rest phase after a traditional workout session.

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