All about EMS technology used in ItalFit products


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What is EMS technology?

As you know, one of the best ways to burn fat and shape your body is to do full-body exercises. (Full-body means: doing an exercise that engages most of the body muscles at the same time.) To achieve the goal of being able to perform full-body movements in a traditional sports sessions at the club requires at least one year continuous practice, it is time-consuming, and the person must have relatively high physical strength.

Due to the high pressure on the joints, these exercises and movements should be done under care and with high precision to achieve more muscle contraction at the same time.

EMS stands for Electric Muscles Stimulation, which refers to the electrical stimulation of the muscles that have been treated with electrical stimulation since the classic physiotherapy techniques of the 1950s. It activates skeletal muscle and does not damage the organs such as the heart in any way.

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What is the difference between EMS and traditional sports?

* With EMS stimulation, 90% of the body muscles can be stimulated for simultaneous activity in just 20 minutes, while traditional methods require (15-20 minutes to stimulate each part of the body.

* With EMS, every session, the whole body is challenged (full body) and you get the desired results faster, while you have harmony in whole body. In traditional methods, each training session includes a program for a specific part of the body that you will achieve the ideal results later.

* With EMS, the pressure is removed from the joints, knees, back, and neck because your range of motion is low (suitable for people who are banned from exercise or have problems with their knees, back, etc.). Injuries to the joints, knees and back are very high.

* EMS saves our time, especially for those who go to work, but the traditional sporting equipment require a long period of time to achieve change.

منبع تغذیه لباس EMS

Why ItalFit EMS products?

ItalFit slimming suits called (Secco Suits) have solved obesity problem by using electric pulses through the pads inside the clothes, most of the body muscles contract at the same time, and fat-burning and muscle-building occurs, and to achieve the goal of contracting the muscles of the body at the same time, no more needs to be professional, and a beginner can quickly contract the muscles of the body as much as possible by using Secco suits, and also does not need to have a one year training. And another advantage of Secco suits is that they strengthen the muscles around the joints without rotating the joint and putting pressure on the joints.

People who have damaged joints for any reason or are banned from exercising can easily experience the contraction of their muscles simultaneously by using the Secco Suits and prevent the muscles from degenerating in that area.

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